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Tacloban Homestay

My home is in Tacloban City, Leyte, Philippines, and I go there whenever I have the chance. I love the Philippines, and Tacloban is one of my favorite places in that country. I enjoy introducing the place to friends, students, or anyone who has an interest.  I try to give people a feel for the Philippines, but I do that in my own way. I don't offer a package tour, although we do visit several tourist areas and historical sites. I don't offer language classes, but people have many chances every day to use English, or to learn a bit of the local languages if they want. I don't set a strict day-by-day itinerary. Instead, I prepare a list of venues and activities and "go with the flow" . A visit to the Philippines shouldn't be a hectic scramble to see and do "everything". It should be an opportunity to explore a new place and experience a new culture in a relaxing and enjoyable way. That is the experience that I try to give people who visit me in Tacloban.  


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