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About me

I am an American who is living and working in Japan.

  1. Born and Raised - I was born and raised in a small town in northeast Iowa. It was a good community with clean air, clean water, low crime, and quality education for all, It was a good, clean, safe, place to grow up.
  2. Education - I attended the public schools in our town. Fortunately, the quality of public school education in Iowa at that time was fairly high. I enjoyed school and did very well. My undergraduate and gradute school studies were done at state universities.
  3. Career - As soon as I had completed my graduate school degree I left Iowa to teach at a university in Japan. I continue to live and work in Japan to this day.
  4. The Future - I plan to continue living in Japan, but I am also building a home in the Philippines.

Chu o ku, Kumamoto City,
Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan


Email: mind.aileron at                     
Phone: +81 (0) 96 386 2667